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In the world of countertops, it often seems that all of the discussion revolves around granite. And, to be sure, granite is a great option. We are proud to install granite countertops in Sacramento, and those who go in this direction are generally quite happy with the results. But what if you want something different? To go against the trends and pass up granite, quartz countertops are worthy of your attention. While quartz counters are not completely made from natural stone, they are almost fully stone and they offer some benefits over granite. For instance, quartz is usually less likely to stain than a granite counter, and it may be more durable over the long run as well. Also, granite typically calls for a bit more maintenance than does quartz. If you fall in love with the look of quartz countertops, America’s Advantage Remodeling will be happy to help with the job. Our experienced team knows how to tackle this tricky project, so you can sit back and look forward to enjoying your beautiful quartz counters for years to come. We install kitchen countertops in Sacramento and throughout the surrounding area. Thank you for taking the time to consider America’s Advantage Remodeling – feel free to give us a call to get started!



A brand offered by DuPont, Zodiaq countertops offer everything you expect from quartz in terms of aesthetics and performance. Thanks to their heat- and scratch-resistant nature, Zodiaq counters perform just as nicely as they look. 93% of a Zodiaq countertop…

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While quartz countertops are not always known for their cost-effective nature, you might be able to get the best of both worlds when you shop for CaesarStone. Thanks to a relatively simple installation process, Caesarstone may allow you to have…

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The performance of Silestone is impressive to say the least. In addition to the way it holds up to consistent use in the kitchen or bathroom, Silestone is also notable due to the many solid colors and unique patterns which…

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If you love to buy American-made products, you will want to start your search with Cambria. This brand offers beautiful quartz countertops which are produced in the United States of America. Those who choose Cambria tend to be impressed by…

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